We are saddened to announce that we have had to pause our horsemanship camps.

Over the next year(s) the leadership of Camp Nakamun will be restructuring the summer ranch experience and year-round operation of the Nakamun Ranch. The Horsemanship program has incurred a significant financial loss every year, which puts great strain on the operation of Camp Nakamun as a whole.

The Ranch infrastructure also needs great investment to complete the development that began in 2016. Some of the needs are for a proper dining room and meeting space, upgrades needed for the washroom facility, etc.

With the ongoing pandemic and challenges of the last two years, putting great strain on Camp Nakamun, this decision was not made lightly but with much prayer and discussion.

Camp Nakamun’s goal is to keep camper fees as low as possible. To put the financial situation in perspective, the fees for each camper never cover their full cost. Campers on the main site are subsidized by over $100, while in the ranch program, the campers are subsidized by over $500. It is just not sustainable to continue in this way.

We are currently working through a plan for our ranch facility that will ensures its long-term spiritual impact and financial stability. As part of this we want to hear from you! Contact Mark Chartier ( If you would like to share your thoughts or vision on the Nakamun ranch or if you feel passionate about this project and would like to make a more tangible contribution to the planning process.

Why A Ranch?

There’s something special about spending time with animals. Horses especially have the ability to connect on a deeper level. Campers become friends with their horses. We see this unique aspect of camp as an example of what is so meaningful and life-giving about being out in creation.

What We Offer

We offer space for indoor/outdoor arena work for up to 10 riders at a time. Rides for ladies and mens groups, as well as kids groups of varying ages. We can provide private lessons, as well.

Trail rides, wagon rides, sleigh rides are also available. Flexible days and hours. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to make it work.

We can provide staff and horses for your group, or we can simply exist as a rental facility where you are welcome to bring your own horses. However, we do not mix camp horses with guest’s horses.

Getting Here

Located 1/2 a mile North of Camp Nakamun. Look for the big, white Riding Arena and the Nakamun Ranch sign.

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Rentals FAQ

  • 01
    Can I rent your horses?

    Yes, you can rent horses and the space to ride them.

  • 02
    Can I bring my own horse?

    For lessons and site rentals, you can bring your own horse. However, for saftety reasons we do not mix the Nakamun Ranch horses with outside animals.

  • 03
    Are meals available to book with our rental?

    Yes, we can provide lodging and meals on our main site, which is just a 1/2 mile south of the Nakamun Ranch.