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There’s nothing like summer at Nakamun

Alberta summers fly by way too fast.

That’s why we’ve packed each week of summer camp with as much meaning and fun as possible. Your week will surely be the highlight of your summer!

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Space is limited so if a session option does not show up when you try to register, it means it is either full or your camper does not meet the age/grade requirement.
*Camps are based on the camper’s grade completed in June of each year.

  • Important Note

    Important Note

    We are continuously working on our plan for each summer during Covid 19 times.  Things change, plans and restrictions change, so we need to always be flexible in how we can implement our program safely.

  • Main Site (Grades 1-3)

    Main Site (Grades 1-3)

    Dates: See Dates & Rates section


    These weeks are a bit of an introduction for those first time campers to an amazing camp experience! This week is condensed into 4 days with many age-appropriate activities. We’ll have a guest speakers and camp staff share about Jesus, along with fun songs lead by our camp worship bands. Come on out to begin your camp experience!

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 6:00pm*. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

    *July 30 – August 3rd week pick up is at 5pm.

  • Main Site (Grades 4-6)

    Main Site (Grades 4-6)

    Dates: See Dates & Rates section

    Description: These weeks will be the full camp experience with memorable moments and new friendships created. There will be a variety of camp activities throughout the week and so much more that the campers will be able to participate in. Guest speakers and camp staff will share biblical teachings to the kids during our devotional times and campfires each day. Not to mention a lot of great food to partake in and incredible staff to hang-out with.

    Activities: Zipline, King Swing, Climbing Wall, Barge Rides, Tubing, Kayaking, Gaga Ball, Pool, Gym, Wide Games, Campfires.

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

  • Main Site (grades 7-12)

    Main Site (grades 7-12)

    Dates: See Dates & Rates section


    These camps are packed with lots of outdoor fun together.  We be at the beach, on the water, up the zipline and climbing wall, and on the King Swing.

    Choose Sports or an Art option to focus on within your group.

    *At each Jr & Sr High camp we have a formal banquet one evening, with an emphasis on the importance of respect between genders. Remember to bring appropriate formal wear, if you wish to dress-up for the event.

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

  • Horsemanship Camp (NOT AVAILABLE)

    Horsemanship Camp (NOT AVAILABLE)

    The camp has paused summer horsemanship camps for the foreseeable future.

    Over the next few years the leadership of Camp Nakamun will be restructuring the summer ranch experience and year-round operation of the Nakamun Ranch. The Horsemanship program has incurred a significant financial loss every year, which puts great strain on the operation of Camp Nakamun as a whole.

    The Ranch infrastructure also needs great investment to complete the development that began in 2016. Some of the needs are for a proper dining room and meeting space, upgrades needed for the washroom facility, etc.

    With the ongoing pandemic and challenges of the last two years, putting great strain on Camp Nakamun, this decision was not made lightly but with much prayer and discussion.

    Camp Nakamun’s goal is to keep camper fees as low as possible. To put our financial situation in perspective, the fees for each camper never cover their full cost. Campers on the main site are subsidized by over $100, while in the ranch program, the campers are subsidized by over $500. It is just not sustainable to continue in this way.

    During this time, our goal will be to create a plan for both operational and financial success so that we can welcome campers back to the ranch as soon as possible

  • Paintball Camp (Grades 7-11)

    Paintball Camp (Grades 7-11)

    Dates: See Dates & Rates section

    Our paintball program is designed to give the boys as much time on the field as possible. Campers will learn technique, skills, and equipment maintenance in between playing a variety of paintball games. In the evenings, campers will also get to try our main camp activities such as the zip line and king swing.

    Our paintball campers are separate from the main camp, with their own facilitators and cabin leaders. This allows for the campers to spend time together hanging out, playing games, doing devotionals, and having a fun time at the campfire.

    Activities: A whole lot of paintball, campfires, fire building, archery, axe throwing, tubing, pool, zipline, climbing wall, king swing.

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

  • Outdoor Camps (Grades 5-11)

    Outdoor Camps (Grades 5-11)

    Dates: See Dates & Rates section

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

    Sadly, because we could not find a qualified outdoor leader to staff, all of our North Shore camps are cancelled for the summer of 2023.

    Nordegg Trip 1 is happening because alumni staff have volunteered to help with that week.

    Nordegg Trips take you to the mountains and give you a wider perspective of Rocky Mountain beauty,  Go rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, and cook over the fire.  Get away from the noise and enjoy a peaceful week out there!

    These camps take place south of Nordegg along the Abraham Lake. The week is spent entirely outdoors and sleeping in tents. A separate packing list and info will be sent out closer to the camp. All equipment is supplied by Camp Nakamun including tents or activity specific equipment.




    Registration for 2023 is open!

    This summer we offer Family Camps on both long weekends

    FAMILY CAMP WEEKEND 1 – June 29 to July 2

    FAMILY CAMP WEEKEND 2 – August 4 to August 7

    Registration at 6:30pm. We close things on the last day around noon.

    Accommodation Prices:

    (subject to change)

    Bluebird Cottage – $410 + GST

    Motel Style (bathroom) – $260

    Bunk (shared bathroom) – $130

    RV Site – $70

    Per Person Prices:

    Ages 13 and up: $100

    Ages 4-12: $70

    Ages 0-3: Free


    Register here.

    *Per person fees cover meals, snacks, programming, games, included activities, and extras like fireworks.

    *Each family is responsible for providing their own bedding, towels, toiletries, etc.

    *Online booking for Family Camp 1 weekend only. Call or email to book for Family Camp Week.


    Head over to our events page for information on our camp for grandparents and their grandkids.

    Our Family Camps are all about getting together outside in creation. We offer a lot of fun outdoor activities. We also have an indoor pool.

    Click here for information on our accommodations and activities.

    We also bring in a guest speaker and music to lead us in learning more about God, and worshipping him together.

    We will also have our Coffee Bar and Tuck Shop open all weekend.

    *Some activities require additional costs.

Dates and Rates



    SLT (Staff training)8 to 12120$250July 3July 6
    Week 14 to 6152$550July 9July 14
    Week 11 to 364$450July 9July 13
    Week 24 to 6152$550July 16July 21
    Week 21 to 364$450July 16July 20
    Week 37 to 9216$550July 23July 28
    Week 4 (short 1 day)4 to 6152$450July 30August 3
    Week 41 to 364$450July 30August 3
    Week 67 to 9152$550August 13August 18
    Week 610 to 1264$550August 13August 18
    Week 74 to 6152$550August 20August 25
    Week 71 to 364$450August 20August 24
    Staff Camp8 to 12120Free for Summer volunteersAugust 27August 29


    Ranch 1Unavailable
    Ranch 2Unavailable
    Ranch 3Unavailable
    Ranch 4Unavailable
    Ranch 5Unavailable
    Ranch 6Unavailable


    Paintball 17 to 920$550July 9July 14
    Paintball 28 to 1120$550July 16July 21
    Paintball 3 (short 1 day)7 to 920$550July 30August 3
    Paintball 4Unavailable
    Paintball 57 to 920$550August 20August 25


    North Shore 1Unavailable
    Nordegg 18 to 1113$550July 23July 28
    North Shore 2 (short 2 day)Unavailable
    North Shore DiscoveryUnavailable
    Nordegg 2Unavailable

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