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Alberta summers fly by way too fast.

That’s why we’ve packed each week of summer camp with as much meaning and fun as possible. Your week will surely be the highlight of your summer!

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Lots of options to choose from.
*Camps are based on the camper’s grade completed in June of each year.

  • Happy Campers (Grades 1-3)

    Happy Campers (Grades 1-3)


    This week’s short but sweet! It’s an introduction for those first time campers to an amazing camp experience! This week is condensed into 3 days with many age-appropriate activities. We’ll have a guest speaker share about Jesus, along with fun songs lead by our camp worship band. Come on out to begin your camp experience!


    August 4-6 Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

    There will be a supper Tuesday night and we end with Supper on Thursday

  • Explorers (Grades 2-4)

    Explorers (Grades 2-4)

    Description: Slightly shorter than a full week, yet with many fun activities and experiences that get you excited to keep coming back each summer. A guest speaker will be here for the week who shares biblical teachings with the kids during our chapel and campfires each day. Great food and incredible staff members creating a memorable and incredible experience.

    Dates: Explorers 1 July 26-30 Explorers 2 August 23-27

    Activities: Zipling, King Swing, Climbing Wall, kayaking, Barge rides, pool, gym, gaga ball, archery, campfire, wide games.

  • Adventurers (Grades 4-6)

    Adventurers (Grades 4-6)

    Description: This week will be the full camp experience with memorable moments and new friendships created. There will be a variety of camp activities throughout the week and so much more that the campers will be able to participate in. A guest speaker is here for the week who will share biblical teachings to the kids during our chapel and campfires each day. Not to mention a lot of great food to partake in and incredible staff to hang-out with.

    Dates: Adventurers 1 (July 12-17) Adventurers 2 (August 9-14) Adventurers 3 (August 16-21) Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

    Activities: Zipline, King Swing, Climbing Wall, Barge Rides, Tubing, Kayaking, Gaga Ball, Pool, Gym, Wide Games, Campfires.

  • Jr High Camp (Grades 7-9)

    Jr High Camp (Grades 7-9)

    Description: Campers get the freedom to sign-up for the activities they want to do each day. Additional specialty activity options are offered for the morning activities and then campers can choose the regular activities (zipline, climbing wall, paintball, tubing, etc.) in the afternoons. Regular camp activities are offered for those who choose not to participate in the specialty options.

    The Specialty Options offered are designed to give campers a small amount of instruction and room for creativity during the week. Our instructors are our Cabin Leaders and, though very talented, are not professionals. The goal of these options is learning a thing or two while having a whole lot of fun. The typical options we run include Art, Drama, Music, and a variety of Sports.

    All options are run by our summer staff. In some cases we may not have any staff members to run certain options. For example, if none of our summer staff know how to instruct or lead a Dance group, we may not be able to offer that option. Though, in most summers, we’ve been graced with gifted staff who have been able to run all options.

    Art – Our art group will work on some basic skills as well as work together to carry out a planned mural for a wall somewhere at camp.

    Music – Musicians are welcome to bring their own instruments. They will work on song writing and form worship bands that will perform later in the week.

    Sports – Usually soccer, beach volleyball, basketball, and sometimes canoeing, climbing wall, etc. Campers will go over some skills and mostly just play a lot of sports!

    Paintball – a chance to learn about the equipment, gain strategy, and get out on the field for game action. For those who are NOT interested in the specialty options we will be running our usual Nakamun activities.

    Dates: Jr High Camp July 19-24 Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

    *At each Jr. High camp we have a formal banquet one evening, with an emphasis on the importance of respect between genders. Remember to bring appropriate formal wear, if you wish to dress-up for the event.

  • Horsemanship Camp (Grades 4-11)

    Horsemanship Camp (Grades 4-11)

    Our Horsemanship Program gives you the opportunity to learn and ride at your own skill level. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert, we will have a place for you!

    Campers will learn riding skills, horse care and safety, horse anatomy, first aid, and hoof care. There will be plenty of riding indoors and outdoors in our arenas and, of course, out on the trails! There may even be a bit of Cow Hockey!

    Campers meals are catered to the ranch, and they stay in our new cabins also located on the ranch site.

    Throughout the week, campers will get a break from the horses and will be taken over to the Nakamun Main Site for activities that may inclue zipline, King Swing, indoor pool, barge rides, and tubing.

    *Our instructors are CHA Certified.

    Dates: Horsemanship 1 (July 12-17), Horsemanship 2 (July 19-24) Horsemanship 3 (July 26-30) Horsemanship 4 (August 9-14) GIRLS ONLY Horsemanship 5 (August 16-21) GIRLS ONLY Horsemanship 6 (August 23 – 27) GIRLS ONLY

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Nakamun Ranch Site, just 1/2 a mile north up the road from the main site.

  • Paintball Camp (Grades 7-11)

    Paintball Camp (Grades 7-11)

    Our paintball program is designed to give the boys as much time on the field as possible. Campers will learn technique, skills, and equipment maintenance in between playing a variety of paintball games. In the evenings, campers will also get to try our main camp activities such as the zip line and king swing.

    Our paintball campers are separate from the main camp, with their own Facilitator and Cabin Leaders. This allows for the campers to spend time together hanging out, playing games, doing devotionals, and having a fun time at the campfire.

    Dates: Paintball 1 (July 12-17) Paintball 2 (July 19-24) Paintball 3 (July 26-30) Paintball 4 (August 9-14) Paintball 5 (August 16-21) Paintball 6 (August 23-27)

    Camp begins at 4:00pm and ends at 5:00pm. Drop off and pick up are at our Main site.

    Activities: A whole lot of paintball, campfires, fire building, archery, axe throwing, tubing, pool, zipline, climbing wall, king swing.

    Girls interested in Paintball? We have a Paintball option available during our main Jr. High Camp.

  • Outdoor Camps (Grades 5-11)

    Outdoor Camps (Grades 5-11)

    Nakamun Outdoors is your chance to really get out there!

    Our North Shore camps are perfect for learning outdoor skills, getting out in the canoes, and just plain having a good time outside.

    Dates: North Shore Discovery (Grades 5-6 boys only) August 23-27, North Shore Adventure 1 (Grades 7-9) July 12-17, North Shore Adventure 2 (Grades 7-9) August 16-23

    Nordegg Out Trips take you to the mountains and give you a wider perspective of Rocky Mountain beauty,  Go rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, and cook over the fire.  Get away from the noise and enjoy a peaceful week out there!

    Dates: Nordegg 1 (Grades 8-11) July 19-24, Nordegg 2 (Grades 8-11) August 9-14

  • Weekend Family Camps

    Weekend Family Camps

    Family Camp is a chance to get away as a family.

    This weekend will be packed with chapel & worship sessions, child and youth programming, activities for the whole family, delicious meals, opportunities to meet new people, connect with old friends, as well as spend some quality family time.

    Each family is responsible for providing their own bedding, towels, toiletries, etc.

    Dates:  Family Camp 1 July 3-6, Family Camp 2 July 31 – August 3

    Activities include Zipline, King Swing, Climbing Wall, Wagon Rides, Trail Rides, Paintball, Bouncy Castles, Kayaking, Barge Rides, and final night Fireworks! We will also have our Coffee Bar and Tuck Shop open all weekend.

    *Some activities require additional costs.


    Choose an accommodation and add up your family members’ rates to get your total.

    Accommodations: (1 per family unit) Motel has it’s own bathroom.  Bunk has access to shared bathroom.  RV sites available, but no RVs available for rent.

    Motel: $225

    Bunk: $110

    RV Site: $55

    Family Members:

    Adult: $87

    Children (6-17) $57

    Children (0-5) Free

    More information about this year’s camps, including guest speakers, will be added later on in the spring once everything is confirmed.

Dates and Rates



    Adventurers 14 to 6100$465 +gstJuly 11July 16
    Adventurers 24 to 6100$465 +gstAugust 8August 13
    Adventurers 34 to 6100$465 +gstAugust 22August 27
    Challengers1 to 3100$365 +gstJuly 25July 29
    Jr High Camp7 to 9100$465 +gstJuly 18July 23
    Jr. High/ Sr/ High Camp8 to 11100$470 +gstAugust 15August 20
    Family Camp 1Families400Variesn/an/a
    Family Camp 2Families400Variesn/an/a


    Horsemanship 14 to 636$555 +gstJuly 11July 16
    Horsemanship 27 to 936$555 +gstJuly 18July 23
    Horsemanship 34 to 636$490 +gstJuly 25July 30
    Horsemanship 44 to 6 Girls36$555 +gstAugust 8August 13
    Horsemanship 57 to 9 Girls36$555 +gstAugust 15August 20
    Horsemanship 68 to 11 Girls36$490 +gstAugust 22August 27


    Paintball 17 to 920$490 +gstJuly 11July 16
    Paintball 28 to 1120$400 +gstJuly 25July 30
    Paintball 37 to 920$490 +gstAugust 8August 13
    Paintball 47 to 920$490 +gstAugust 15August 20
    Paintball 57 to 920$400 +gstAugust 22August 27


    North Shore Adventure 17 to 925$475 +gstJuly 11July 16
    North Shore Adventure 27 to 925$475 +gstAugust 15August 20
    North Shore Discovery5 to 6 BOYS25$390 +gstAugust 22August 27
    Out Trip – Nordegg 18 to 1116$490 +gstJuly 18July 23
    Out Trip – Nordegg 28 to 1116$490 +gstAugust 8August 13

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