Looking beyond Your Summer

Although our main focus is the summer season, Camp Nakamun seeks to build program and connection throughout of the year-round months as well. Here you will find other ways to connect with the camp community.


Year-round, we host all sorts of groups. There are also a few key events that we host and program for our community.

Look below to check out some of the events we host each year.

Please note: if you are looking for Family Camps, including our Single Mothers Family Camp, those can be found on our Summer Camps page.

  • Taste of Nakamun | Summer Kick-Off Party

    Taste of Nakamun | Summer Kick-Off Party

    Our Taste of Nakamun event has been happening every June for the past decade and it has seen many changes throughout its existence.

    We wanted an opportunity for campers, parents, families, and volunteers to come to camp before the summer begins and become familiar with our site, our activities, our staff, and just some of the logistics of summer camp. Taste of Nakamun gives you the opportunity to practice before your big week!

    • See how long it actually takes to drive here!
    • See how high the zipline tower is in person, and how the equipment actually feels to wear.
    • See what kind of accommodations your kids will be sleeping in during their stay, and where the closest bathrooms are.
    • See where you line up for food if you have dietary restrictions or allergies.
    • See the merch and coffee bar options to look forward to during drop-off and pick-up.

    We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you send your kid to camp. Come get a taste of what Nakamun has in store for your family this summer!

    This year, Taste of Nakamun will take place on June 9th, 2024 from 2:00pm – 7:00pm at Camp Nakamun.

    This is a free event to addend! Our activities will be up and running (weather permitted) all completely free of cost. This includes our zip line, climbing wall, king swing, archery/pea shooting range, barge rides, and swimming pool. We’ll have a concession with food and snacks to purchase, and our coffee bar and merch bar will be open and stocked.

    Bring your family to get a taste of what Nakamun is like in the summer!


  • Winter Youth Retreat

    Winter Youth Retreat

    Youth Groups gather from all over northern Alberta for a winter weekend in January.

    Winter Youth Retreat is a Camp Nakamun tradition. We wanted to create an opportunity for a whole bunch of youth groups to come together to party for a weekend. The weekend always fosters good community, challenges and encourages our youth, and most of all, we get gather together to celebrate Jesus!

    More info on WYR 2026 to come in the fall


  • Young Adults Retreat

    Young Adults Retreat

    Young Adults Retreat is for adults aged 18-30 to rest and reset. We see the need for young adults to take time away from exams, jobs, and the normal and busy schedules of life. This retreat gets you out of the city and into a place where you can find peace for your soul.

    What to expect:

    Worship, a great speaker, tasty food, cozy vibes, outdoor activities (snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating), chill board games, and great conversation.

    More info on YAR 2026 to come in the fall

  • Winter Festival & Treat Orders

    Winter Festival & Treat Orders

    Come experience Nakamun in the the winter! Enjoy tasty hot beverages from our coffee bar, check out our winter merch, play games, listen to music, and sit by the cozy fireplace. There will also be outdoor activities weather permitted.


    More info on 2025 Winter Festival to come in the fall.


  • Gratitude | Annual General Meeting

    Gratitude | Annual General Meeting

    This is a chance to celebrate all that God has done through the ministry at Camp Nakamun this year. We will also get you up to date on what is to come in 2024.

    This event includes our Annual General Meeting


    More info on 2025 Gratitude to come in the fall.

  • Reconnect


    The past few years have been tough on communities, and we would love to reconnect with past staff.

    This event is for paid summer staff from 2000-2020 to come back to camp and enjoy a weekend of relaxation, fun, and fellowship.


    More info on 2025 Reconnect to come in the fall.

  • Pastor’s Lunch

    Pastor’s Lunch

    We would like to invite all pastors in the area to lunch!

    This is an opportunity for fellowship and connection over a tasty camp-cooked meal.


    More info on 2026 Pastors Lunch to come in the fall.

Dates and Rates

Winter Youth Retreat7 to 12250See event detailsN/AJanuary 5January 7
Young Adults RetreatAges 18-30150See event detailsN/AJanuary 19January 21
ReconnectPaid Summer Staff 2000-2020N/ASee event detailsN/ANovember 17November 19

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