Camp Nakamun has been operating as a kids summer camp for over 75 years! Our mission is to help people Encounter God, Enrich Relationships, and Experience Creation.

Encounter God: This is our “why”. Each week we have a speaker come to camp to share age-appropriate teachings and stories twice each day (chapel service and campfire). Our Cabin Leaders lead devotions each night in the cabin where campers have the chance to reflect on what they heard from the speaker that day, ask questions, and pray. We have seen God transform lives here in both campers and in staff, and are so excited to see what He continues to do here.

Enrich Relationships: Campers are divided into cabins of 8 campers and 2 staff members (one senior and one junior Cabin Leader). They spend each day doing fun activities together, playing silly games, dressing up for themed meals, making crafts, challenging themselves, and having a lot of fun. Deep friendships are made at camp, and it’s amazing to see how campers open up throughout the week.

Experience Creation: We are so blessed to be located on a beautiful lakeside property completely surrounded by creation. Here, campers get the chance to be outside more than they are probably used to. They can walk on the trails through the forest, lay in the grass, swim in the lake, and be fully engulfed by the sights and sounds of nature.

Camp Nakamun Is…

We believe that God is the creator, and that He loves his creation. God’s love is best seen in his son, Jesus. We want to learn from him, and share his message of hope and peace with all who join us here at Nakamun. God’s message is good, and kind, and open for all who are interested. This is the message that we desire to share with all of our campers.

Camp Nakamun Isn’t…

We are not here to manipulate anyone into religion. We’ve seen how harmful that can be. We do not pressure anyone to believe anything that they don’t want to.

* For the safety and supervision of all campers, being present in all aspects of the camp program is mandatory.

Camp Nakamun Details

  • What to Bring

    What to Bring

    We’ve updated our packing lists to printable sheets to help make the packing process smoother for you and your family.


    See our Main Site packing lists here!


    Please note, this document contains two different lists. Please make sure you’re looking at the list for the specific camp you are packing for! (written in the top right corner of the list)


    Happy packing!


    We’re working on updating our Outdoor Camp packing list! It should be uploaded soon! For now, here’s the 2019 version to give you an idea of what you might need!


    2019 Outdoor Camps packing list

    We’re working on updating our Paintball Camp packing list! It should be uploaded soon! For now, here’s the 2019 version to give you an idea of what you might need!


    2019 Main Site & Paintball Packing List

  • What Not To Bring

    What Not To Bring

    Our mission is to help people Encounter God, Enrich Relationships, and Experience Creation. Though technology is an important tool in everyday life, it also serves as a major distraction. For all our children and youth camp programs we ask you to leave your technology at home.

    This includes:

    • cell phones
    • smart watches
    • video games
    • music players & headphones

    Our tuck costs are included in camp registration, so there is no need for campers to bring money! We wouldn’t want your hard-earned cash to go missing.

    Finally, we are a peanut and nut aware facility. We do not serve food that contains or may contain nuts of any kind, and we ask that you leave your nutty snacks at home.

    As a general rule, we recommend not bringing anything of value that you wouldn’t want broken, dirty, or lost.

  • How to get here

    How to get here

    Google will usually give good directions to camp. However, go the Busby/Dunstable route if you want to avoid gravel roads.

    View Map

    The best way to get to Nakamun from Edmonton is to head North on Hwy 44. Turn west at Hwy 651, go through Busby, then after about 20 km turn south at Dunstable school. After 7 km the road will curve to the west. Nakamun’s entrance is on the right.

    Registration opens up at 4pm on the first day of camp. Be sure to stop by the coffee bar for a drink on your way home!

    All campers register at the Main Camp Nakamun site

  • Safety at Camp Nakamun

    Safety at Camp Nakamun

    Each year we strive to continue to increase our awareness, understanding, and implementation of safety parameters.

    All of our Staff and Volunteers are trained each summer in Plan to Protect. Each Sr Staff member also submits a background check and goes through an interview process with camp leadership.

    We always have a trained medic on all of our sites, and our Sr staff communicate through radios, so our medical staff will be informed immediately in the event that their assistance is needed.

    The town of Barrhead lies 30 minutes away and is the location of the closest hospital. In the event of a camper needing a hospital visit, we will inform the parent or emergency contact if the parent is not available.

    Our leadership staff have organization plans in place in case of an emergency like a thunderstorm.

  • Accommodations


    For most of our camps, kids stay in stand-alone cabins that are within a minute’s walk from bathrooms. Cabins hold 8 campers and 2-3 leaders.

    Some campers will stay in our motel units as they limit the amount of walking. However, depending on numbers, they might also stay in stand-alone cabins.

    Cabins have bottom and top bunks, and plastic covered twin mattresses.

  • Food


    Historically, people have come to associate camp food with things like cold oatmeal and bland soup. Well, the times have changed!

    We serve filling and nutritious meals 3 times a day.

    For breakfast we’ll usually have things like pancakes, sausages, eggs, toast, sliced oranges, and cereal available.

    Lunch examples would be sub sandwiches, grilled cheese, chicken fingers and fries, burritos, and a bunch of other things most kids love. We also serve either raw sliced vegetables or salads for each lunch.

    Supper examples include things like spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers and fries, and sweet and sour meatballs. We also include a steamed vegetable and salad.

    The best thing about our meals is that, excluding desserts, kids can go back for seconds!

    We understand that campers may have food allergies or issues.

    We do what we can to accommodate suitable substitutes that are also tasty!

    On you registration form, be sure to include any food allergy or issues your child may have. This helps us prepare for your child’s meals.

    On registration day, please let the medic know about your child’s allergy.

  • Policies


    In order to ensure the safety of your child and all other campers, please inform us of any behavioural, emotional or medical issues your child may have. There is room to add all of this information in their online application.

    If a behavioural issue arises we do what we can to address it with grace. Warnings are given and talks with leadership is had. Yet, if it persists we reserve the right to send a child home should we decide that it is not working out for them.

    We are not a registered nut free facility but due to severe allergies we do not cook with nuts and all our snacks/tuck items are nut free. Please do not pack nut products for your camper.

    We do not allow any cellphones or electronics during camp time. Permission from staff is needed for phone calls.

    Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited on camp property.

    Cancellation Policy

    In the event of a cancellation, you will be refunded full amount, minus $40 up to 2 weeks prior your selected camp.  Cancellations less than 2 weeks prior notice will result in no refund.

  • Forms and Downloads

    Forms and Downloads

    Main Site Packing List 

    Outdoor Camps packing list


    Label your stuff

    Mabel’s Labels

    Enter Nakamun and help support camp while making sure your campers hang on to their stuff!

Label your things for less

We are partnered with Mabel’s Labels to help cut down the amount of lost & found left behind by cutting down the cost of labels!

These labels are waterproof, incredibly durable, and come in many different styles for you to really make it your own!

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Catch The Action

After you Register

Once you’ve registered, be sure to check your inbox for a confirmation email (check junk mail folder!). There you will see reminders for packing lists, drop-off and pick-up times, and any other helpful information.

Follow along on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as we serve up plenty of video and photo updates throughout each week.

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Parent FAQ

  • 01
    Which grade does my child go by?

    Grade completed in June of the camp year. If you just completed grade 6, then you are considered in grade 6 for summer camp.

  • 02
    How are staff trained?

    Staff are choosen through an interview process. They also need to provide at least 2 references. All staff and volunteers attend Summer Leadership Training at the beginning of the summer where they go through training with Plan To Protect.

  • 03
    What is the staff ratio within the cabin?

    Each cabin will have 7-8 campers with 1 Adult Sr. Cabin Leader and a high school aged Jr. Cabin Leader.

  • 04
    Can I call my child?

    Part of the camp experience is branching out on your own away from home. We find that calls from home can often distract kids from a fun week, and if they are prone to some homesickness, could have a negative impact on the rest of their week. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up with them at the end of the week!

  • 05
    What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellation Policy:

    All cancellations up to 2 weeks before your camp week will result in a full refund minus a $40 processing fee.

    All cancellations within 2 weeks of the camp starting will not be refunded.