Summer Camp

Summer registration is open! We are forgoing the payment part of registration until closer to the summer. So there is no risk to you for signing up early. It will help us gage interest and plan for the best summer program ever! Sign up today!

Kids need space. They need to toss the tablets and phones aside to get outside and explore. Camp is a place where adventures and friendships happen. It’s a place that has helped kids feel loved, brave, challenged, and encouraged. It builds skills and memories that will last a lifetime!

When we put aside distractions, God’s voice can often be heard. Maybe through a fun campfire time, or through a friend, or simply in the stillness by the water. Camp is a wonderful place to learn about and get to know this God who loves and cares for us.

Get closer with your friends, and meet new ones! Together with your Cabin Leaders you’ll go through a lot of adventures, making bonds that can last a lifetime!

The lake, horses, forest, and high up on the zipline, climbing wall and King Swing! You’ll get out there to experience new and exciting things. Take a break from regular life and dive into an adventure!




    Week 14 to 6105$490July 11July 16
    Week 11 to 332$390July 11July 15
    Week 27 to 9140$490July 18July 23
    Week 34 to 6105$490July 25July 30
    Week 31 to 332$390July 25July 29
    Week 4FAMILIESN/ATBAAugust 2August 6
    Week 41 to 232$195August 3August 5
    Week 54 to 6105$490August 8August 13
    Week 51 to 332$390August 8August 12
    Week 67 to 9105$490August 15August 20
    Week 610 to 1232$490August 15August 20
    Week 74 to 6105$490August 22August 27


    Ranch 14 to 636$555July 11July 16
    Ranch 27 to 936$555July 18July 23
    Ranch 39 to 1236$555July 25July 30
    Ranch 44 to 636$555August 8August 13
    Ranch 57 to 936$555August 15August 20
    Ranch 64 to 636$555August 22August 27


    Paintball 17 to 920$515July 11July 16
    Paintball 28 to 1120$515July 25July 30
    Paintball 37 to 920$515August 8August 13
    Paintball 47 to 920$515August 15August 20
    Paintball 57 to 920$515August 22August 27


    North Shore 17 to 925$475July 11July 16
    Nordegg 18 to 1116$490July 18July 23
    North Shore Discovery5 to 6 BOYS25$195August 3August 5
    North Shore 27 to 925$475August 8August 13
    Nordegg 28 to 1116$490August 15August 20

Catch The Action

Your Adventure

Catch The Action

Summer Activities So many fun things to do!

  • Zipline



    Build up the courage to climb the 30 foot tower and step off into the sky on our ever popular zipline.  This is always a camp favourite.


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Jr High, Paintball, Horsemanship, NS Adventure, NS Discovery)

  • King Swing

    King Swing


    Get strapped in for the ride of your life!  The King Swing lifts 3 riders at a time up almost 50 feet into the air.  Then one of these brave souls pulls the release rope and all swing down and out towards the field.  It’s a thrill!

    (Adventurers, Explorers, Happy Campers, Jr High, Paintball, Horsemanship, NS Adventure, NS Discovery)

  • Climbing Wall

    Climbing Wall


    A camp classic!  A great way to work on your climbing skills. We have walls for different abilities and trained and experienced staff to guide you to the top to achieve your goal!


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Happy Campers, Jr High, Paintball, Horsemanship, NS Adventure, NS Discovery)

  • Canoeing & Kayaking

    Canoeing & Kayaking


    A foundational camp activity.  Learn the basics, and work your way all the way to an Out Trip canoe adventure.  Canoeing and Kayaking are great ways to explore the lake and have a fun time.


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Jr High, NS Discovery, NS Adventure, Out Trips – Nordegg)

  • Barge Rides

    Barge Rides


    A Camp Nakamun institution.  Barge Rides are how we give campers a chance to view the sites around Lake Nakamun.  In the summer, campers can wear their swim suits and jump off the barge to cool off.  It’s a super fun time.


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Jr HIgh, Horsemanship, Paintball)

  • Tubing



    This summer camp activity keeps our boats working hard.  It’s another fun way to explore the lake and cool off in the heat.


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Jr High Camp)

  • Archery



    Aim at improving on your archery skills at camp!  It’s another great way to challenge yourself, and your friends, to see who can hit that bullseye!


    (All Camps)

  • Pool & Gym

    Pool & Gym


    Our indoor pool and gym are available for campers year-round.


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Happy Campers, Jr High, Horsemanship, Paintball)

  • Mountain Hiking

    Mountain Hiking


    For our Nordegg Out Trip Camps.  Our staff take you up into a number of scenic spots.  All that effort will be worth the views.


    (Out Trip – Nordegg)

  • Gaga Ball

    Gaga Ball


    A camp wide favourite. It’s addicting, it’s super fun, and the best part is that anyone can become the champion!


    (Adventurers, Explorers, Happy Campers, Jr HIgh, Paintball, Horsemanship)

  • Wide Games

    Wide Games


    We put together a variety of challenging and unique games to play with your cabinmates and all of the other kids at camp.  It’s a great way to connect with your cabinmates, and get set for a fun week of camp.



    Wide Games are programmed during our summer.  The big field is also available to rental


  • Paintball



    “Paintball is an active way for boy campers to experience creation.  The competition is intense, but friendly. Learn skills from experienced staff and practice it out on the field.

    Paintball Camps run all summer long, including our Family Camps.

Facilities Check them out!

Camp Nakamun rests on the North Shore of Lake Nakamun. Summer Campers stay in cabins within a stones throw of washroom facilities. Our main lodge kitchen and dining hall can serve up to 400 people each meal. If kids need a break from all of the outdoor fun, they can come inside and cool off in the pool, or shoot some hoops in the gym. With a schedule filled with so much variety, the week usually flies by way too fast!

Take a look around the site.

The outdoor activities, beach front, campfire and the big field; there’s a lot to explore!

Rustic A Frame and Sunset cabins, North Dorm lodging, and the main lodge; we’ve got places for you to feel cozy and warm!

Most of the Main Site campers stay in the cabins.  Paintball campers find their place in our main lodge motels.  Horsemanship campers have their very own cabins out at the Nakamun Ranch.  Our Outdoor campers stay in… you guessed it, tents under the stars!

Staff & Volunteers


Make lifelong friendships, impact hundreds of lives, grow in your faith, develop leadership skills, have a blast, leave renewed and transformed.

For Parents

Everything you need to know to feel good about sending your kid to Nakamun.


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    Is there WiFi?

    There is, but not for campers! Please leave all phones, tablets, fax machines, time machines, and all electronics at home. This is your chance to get away. Think about it. How many people your age can say they spent a whole week away from their phone? You can do it!

  • 03
    What would be a typical day of camp?

    While schedules change based on camp, weather, and other factors here is what you can expect on any given day at Nakamun:

    1. Tons of activities…usually 5 activity blocks each day
    2. 3 dedicated meal times and evening snacks
    3. Chapel, campfire, and cabin time
    4. Indoor games and outdoor wide game
    5. Fun, new friends, inspiring conversation, and lots of screen-free time outside