Nakamun is the
perfect location for…

Church Retreats, Youth Groups, School Bands, Outdoor Education, Team Building weekends, Conferences, training courses, board meetings, Pastoral Retreats, Crafts and Quilting Retreats, & Banquets

We love hosting groups. Any group! If you have a group, bring them to Nakamun! We can host anywhere between a few people to over 400!


The key is space. We have a variety of accommodations and meeting rooms to suit groups of any size. The fact that these facilities are spread out across our property means that your group will have plenty of space to be yourselves. Even when we host 3 or 4 different groups on a weekend, the flow of traffic is great and some groups say they didn’t even realize that there were so many people on site with them.

Main Lodge

Lobby, Dining Hall, Motel Rooms, Chapel Meeting room, Poplar Meeting room, Gym, Pool and Hot Tub, games area, Coffee bar, Vending machines

Meeting Rooms

Chapel, Poplar Room, Cedar Room, Spruce Room, Lakeview Hall, Heritage Meeting Room, Heritage Board Room.


Site locations groups can use:
Zipline, Climbing Wall, King Swing, Archery Range, Gaga Ball pit, Campfire pits (Large and small available)
Perimeter walking and x country skiing trail, Water front activities, Big field for games and sports, Ice rink on the lake


(Motels, Sunset Cabins, A Frame Cabins, North Dorm, Heritage Dorms, Suites and rooms, Bluebird Cottages)


Vending machines, Kitchen Coffee and Tea are always available, Espresso Bar in the lobby, fireside lobby lounging area.



Our kitchen is always serving up tasty meals. Our philosophy is that our groups are here to have a good time, so a big part of that needs to take place in the dining room.

We serve things like pancakes, sausages, sub sandwiches, taco salads with a ton of topping options. Grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, and roast beef for supper, just to name a few.

Our Dining room holds up to 250, with an overflow room next door. If you’re group is here with another, we will designate tables so that you can be sure your crew can all sit together.

Still hungry? Put your plate away and head back up for seconds! Coffee and Tea are also always available in the dining hall for teachers, chaparones and all other adults.

Our taps flow with well water, which is drinkable, but we also truck in water from the city for our juice, tea, coffee, and water fountain.

Sample Menu

Breakfast Sample Menu:
Pancakes, sausages, hard boiled eggs, strawberry sauce, syrup, sliced oranges, cold cereal, coffee, and tea.

Lunch Sample Menu:
Sub sandwiches. Wheat bun, choice of ham, salami, turkey, cheese, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, onions, a variety of sauces, fried chips, and soup. Juice, Coffee and Tea, dessert square, jello, or fruit cup.

Supper Sample Menu:
Sweet and Sour meatballs, rice, steamed veggies, tossed salad, coffee, tea, cake, or fruit cup.

Please eat all you take. You can always go back for seconds!

Food Sensitivities

If your group has members with allergies or food sensitivities, please gather that information and let us know before your stay. We will do what we can to accommodate, we just ask for the info ahead of time so that we can make sure that the kitchen is prepared.

We are a nut aware facility. This means we do not serve or sell anything with nuts. However, we cannot limit guests from bringing nuts, so please be aware of this when you visit. For our part, rest assured that we do not serve anything made with any nut products.

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Getting Here

Google will usually give good directions to camp. However, go the Busby/Dunstable route if you want to avoid gravel roads.

The best way to get to Nakamun from Edmonton is to head North on Hwy 44. Turn west at Hwy 651, go through Busby, then after about 20 km turn south at Dunstable school. After 7 km the road will curve to the west. Nakamun’s entrance is on the right.

Rentals FAQ

  • 01
    Can we bring alcohol?

    No, Alcohol is not permitted on our sites.

  • 02
    Can I bring my dog?

    Sorry, no pets.

  • 03
    Is there cell reception and wifi?

    Some networks run better than others. Guest wifi is available on a limited basis.

  • 04
    Is there a cash machine?

    No, but we can give you change for the vending machines

  • 05
    Where is the nearest gas station?

    The nearest reliably open gas station would be in Busby, which is about 27km NE of Nakamun.

  • 06
    Do you have good water to drink?

    Our taps flow with well water, which is drinkable, but we also truck in water from the city for our juice, tea, coffee, and water fountain.

  • 07
    What to bring?

    Reference our Summer Camp Main Site packing list to get an idea of what you’re group will need to bring.

    Main Site Packing List